Brewery tanks

Stainless steel is perfectly suited to storing beer and all the raw materials and additives used in its production. It is taste neutral, resistant to all fruit acids and easy to clean – which makes it indispensable in this industry. The huge number of different possible designs ensures an optimum use of space. Our tanks can feature heating and cooling or an agitator and come in customised shapes and sizes – with a Moeschle tank your precious liquid is in safe hands. We are also happy to design an innovative, forward-looking solution for the special demands that your very particular requirements place on the storage setup. “Not possible is a response you’ll never hear from us”.

  • Cylindro-conical fermentation tanks
  • Pressurised tanks
  • Process tanks
  • CIP tanks (cleaning in place)
  • Insulated tanks with cooling/heating systems
  • On-site assembly
  • Gangway systems


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